Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a weekend!

John and I have been making serious strides in finding new and exciting events to attend, restaurants to try and places to go in an effort of jazzing up our lives here in boring Dayton. OK, I should say I seek these things out and sell them to John as the most fun he'll ever have. Sometimes he agrees. I had hoped that we would have some weekend visitors this summer. We invited lots of people. Unfortunately, either we're bad hosts (highly unlikely) or everyone was blowing smoke when they said they would love to visit because thus far, no takers. No matter. We'll just explore on our own and know that we are cool and also that we ARE good hosts. Don't believe me? Come on down to Chez G. We serve fresh made waffles and scones for breakfast.

So this weekend, we got our grocery shopping out of the way on Friday night so we didn't have any pesky errands to accomplish on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday we had a slow morning and then got dressed to head to Waynesville. It's a cute little town only about 15 minutes away by country roads with shops and restaurants. Epitome of small town America. I hadn't been since taking my mom there last year and John had never been in any of the stores. It was a beautiful weather day and we had a great time walking up and down main street. It's mostly antique stores and stores if you are really into decorating in a country style but they're still neat to see. And, I was able to pick up some more square candlesticks that I had discovered and purchased last year. They are the coolest and I've only ever seen them in this store called The Nesting Place. Then we had a delicious and healthy lunch at the Cobblestone Cafe. I had a Hawaiian Chicken sandwich on a pretzel bun (yum!) John had turkey and apples on cinnamon bread (yum again!)

We had been discussing all week where we would have dinner on Saturday night. There were many options but all were super fatty. Once again, we are on a renewed fitness kick. Not wanting to ruin our momentum with Five Guys (drool) we ended up at Dorothy Lane Market, a gourmet grocer nearby. We bought filet, because I had a hankering for beef, asparagus and fixins for blue cheese mashed potatoes. This is our go to at home fancy meal. It never disappoints. John would be the chef because I had early evening plans. (More on that in a bit) And we headed on home so I could take a monster nap.

It was my wholehearted intention to go for a run after my nap. When I woke up, I had talked myself out of it and into being lazy. Then, about 4 minutes later and racked with guilt, I laced up and hit the road. However, by the time I got home from running it was already 4:40 and I had somewhere to be by 5:00. Oops! There is not much worse in the 'getting ready' world than showering, still be hot from running after showering, and then also having to blow dry your hair. I was not sufficiently cool and it was apparent from the halo of fuzzy hair around my head. But again, I was late so I had to get going. I left John to his own devices and to make dinner for us and I went to do something I had never done before.....Bachata.

Bachata is a latin club dance and the studio where I take zumba was having a Chips, Dip, Beer and Bachata event for $10. An hour for snacking followed by an hour lesson in how to Bachata. Try as I might, I could not convince John to go with me. Luckily, one of my zumba friends did want to go and also being unable to convince her husband to attend, said she would go with me. You don't necessarily need a partner for Bachata but the instructor did end up dancing with the 4 unpartnered students. It was so much fun! This was definitely something outside my comfort zone. I like to dance but I have never taken any Latin-based dance lessons. We do a variation of bachata in zumba and with a little encouragement from my instructor, I was pretty sure I could handle it. I'm really glad I went although my feet were killing me by the end having spent the day walking through stores, running 3 miles and an hour of dancing in heels.

Back at home, John had the table set and wine poured by the time I got home. What a guy! We were enjoying a bottle of Outback wine from a northern Ohio winery, Matus. It's pretty desserty so we didn't have it with the steak but drank it afterward. Dinner was delicious. A day of great (and relatively healthy) food all around!

Onto Sunday, another lazy morning and some weekly pool time. I'm really trying to gradually tan before our cruise in 8 weeks. I am prone to burning which isn't fun for anyone, for me or those around me who encounter my sunburn induced crankiness. After the pool I had the most lazy, out of it day ever. I didn't go anywhere. I tried to sew these basket liners for my sister and failed. Still not sure if I can salvage those. And, despite my best efforts I napped again! I should never nap on Sunday because my sleep schedule is already thrown off. The only thing of worth I did today was run. See? I told you I was on a renewed health kick. Having gained 6 lbs in the last 3 months, I realized I had been slacking off on my running in lieu of long dog walk dates with Sadie. Yeah, not the same thing as running.

How was your weekend?

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