Monday, July 26, 2010

That beer is smoky.

Though I mostly focus on drinking wine, I'm a girl who can also enjoy a good cold one from time to time. Sure, beer has more calories than wine but sometimes, when the weather is as hot as it's been here in Ohio, a beer just hits the spot on a Friday night. One beer I'm particularly fond of is from the Spoetzel Brewery in Shiner, TX. I first had Shiner in, where else, Texas! They love this stuff down there. Lucky for me, it's readily available in other states too. I like the Shiner Blonde and John and I are both fans of the Shiner Black Lager. This past weekend while I was picking up the wine for Wine Night (more on that later this week) I was also tasked with selecting the weekend's 6 pack. We have now learned I should not be allowed to select something that seems "interesting."

Pictured above is Shiner's summer offering "Smokehaus." In case you can't see, it's Mesquite smoked beer. This should have been my first clue but I forged ahead to the cashier anyway. As I showed off my purchase to John, I was met with an upturned nose and some comments about how it probably won't be any good. Spoilsport.

Well, he was right. The Smokehaus was not good. I had been optimistic because it said summer beer and we really like summer beers. This literally tasted like barbecue in a bottle. Not so appetizing or refreshing. It's possibly one of those beers you should really drink with food, which we were not doing. Maybe we'll try that on the remaining bottles. It certainly was interesting, in kind of a bad way. Sorry, Shiner. It won't keep me from visiting your establishment this November though!

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