Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dragonfly in Amber

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon is the second book in the Outlanderseries. This one, like Outlander, I purchased because I knew it would take me quite awhile to get through 900+ pages. I ended up stopping and starting a few times as certain books became available to me at the library.

At the end of Outlander, Claire and Jamie learn of the deadly battle at Culloden where Jamie and his clan will meet certain death and we learn of their plans to try to change history by stopping the Jacobite rebellion. We also learned that Claire was pregnant. Dragonfly in Amber begins with a 50-something Claire and her daughter Brianna touring around Scotland. We find out that some years ago, Claire returned to her husband, Frank Randall and raised Brianna. Frank has since passed away and Claire intends to show Brianna parts of Scotland and ultimately fess up about the time travel business in her past when they find Jame's gravestone at a church.

Claire seeks the assistance of Roger Wakefield, adopted ward of the now deceased Rev. Wakefield – a colleague of Frank’s, who is now grown and quite a historian. She’s hoping he can provide some insight on what became of the Fraser Clan in the battle that Claire and Jamie worked so hard to thwart. Eventually we do go back in time with Claire to the 1700’s as we see what has become of Jamie and their journey to save his clan and his life.

I enjoyed Dragonfly as much as I enjoyed Outlander. Yes, it’s a bit slow-going but there always seems to be something to pique my interest before I get too bored. There are a lot of repeat characters, including Jamie’s arch nemesis, and once again, the last page had me wishing the next book was in my hands waiting to be cracked. I think I’ll take a short break from this series though. I have a handful of other books to get through before I head back to the highlands. If you haven’t read Outlander, clearly you’ll want to start there. But, if you have and enjoyed it, then you should also like Dragonfly in Amber.

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