Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Garden Gal

In case you've been wondering, my balcony garden is doing pretty well so far. I planted it about 6 weeks ago, give or take. One of my hanging plants met a premature demise. In fact, I need to get it out to the trash because it's just dead and not very pretty looking. Also, my cilantro went kaput. This was especially disheartening because I have a lot of recipes that I was intending to use my homegrown cilantro in. Oh well. Maybe next year.

I do have 2 standouts that I'm really pleased with though. Here is a picture of my basil.

When first planted, it was shorter than that little table on the right. Now look at him! I have used it a lot and am hoping to make my own pesto in the coming weeks. I wish pine nuts weren't so expensive. It won't really be saving me any money but how good would fresh pesto taste? So good, is the answer to that question.

Now, here is my tomato plant when I first put it in.

And here he is now, green tomatoes and all!

There are probably about 15 tomatoes growing on this plant. I was so happy to see and count them but they haven't really gotten much bigger recently and they're certainly not getting red. I'm worried that my cage is leaning and stunting their growth. Does that happen? Also, it's possible my pot is too small, but I followed the instructions on sizing. I'll just be patient. I think maturity was 75 days on these Husky Reds and while we're not quite there, I think I'm pretty darn close. We've been having a terribly hot summer and I think all my plants (save for the dead ones) are taking to the climate rather well. The trouble may be that they only get partial sunlight and only for part of the day. Ah me, condo living.

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