Thursday, October 13, 2011

Come and Knock on Our Door

In addition to painting the shutters, we also wanted to freshen up the front door a bit. The bummer part about painting a door is that you can't spray paint it without causing a big mess. Spray painting is my new favorite thing. I have a dresser that I need to makeover whenever I find some time and I will for sure be spraying that sucker.

We purchased this Rustoleum door paint in black. Door paint is specially formulated to withstand the elements of weather that it might come in contact with. Because we have a storm door, we don't really need to worry about that but we used the special door paint anyway. I can't remember how much the can was but it wasn't expensive and we have a lot left over if anyone else wants a black door.

I was really hoping we could roll this on and just cut in the trim. Wrong! Door paint is crazy thick, yo. It was like paint with tar. I think maybe a roller with less nap might have worked but neither of us felt like going out to get one. Instead, we brushed it on. The other thing with this thick paint is that it shows brush strokes like crazy. I don't know how we could have avoided that. I didn't really research door painting techniques. My bad.

Here is the door before.

Here is the ladder we used to keep Sadie from "helping"

And here is the finished product!

I could not love the gloss more. It's so reflective you can almost see my outline in it taking this picture. Yes, when you get up close there are more visible brushstrokes than I care to admit but still, I really like how it turned out. So happy with our easy and inexpensive outside transformations. Now to figure out the next indoor project......

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