Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Garden Wrap Up

I have been remiss! I never told you guys about how my gardening season ended up. My apologies.

-Sweet 100: These were my cherry tomatoes and boy were they successful! I counted over 150 in my harvest season. Access to their fresh sweetness even prompted me to add them to salads. That's right. Raw tomatoes, all on my own. I'm definitely planting this variety again next year.

-Jetstar: These were a hybrid tomato and I think they would have done better if that hadn't constantly been ravaged by birds. Lesson for next year, invest in some netting. Additionally, these weren't nearly as big in size as I wanted them to be. I didn't get to use them in salsa or bruschetta. They adorned a couple margherita pizzas but that was it. Not using these next year.

-Strawberries: Eaten by a bunny, or Sadie, before anything could really happen with them.

-Basil: I planted Genovese and another one I can't remember. I was really pleased with the results of these. Both the potted plant and the one I put in the ground went crazy. Lots of basil to be had for cooking this summer

-Cilantro: This did super early on but then it bolted before I could get to it and so I only had fresh cilantro for probably the month of June and nothing really after that. I guess that's the nature of cilantro though.

-Parsley: I nursed this tiny little plant from basically nothing into a huge bush of parsley. The only downside was it had kind of a strange taste so I didn't use very much of it.

-Rosemary: Also did really well. In fact, I'm researching drying techniques because it was still going strong when I ripped out the garden this week.

.....and there's more planting going on this fall too! John planted tulip bulbs (my favorite cut flower!) around our light post and mailbox. We also planted a small evergreen shrub in the front and two arbor vitae in the back that I'm hoping will grow big and tall into useful privacy screening. Stay tuned for more progress on that!

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