Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do you do this?

Today at the grocery store I realized I was staring at the food on the conveyor belt soon to be purchased by the person behind us. Normally, I watch the monitor to see how much we're spending and to make sure everything rings up at the right price. (Yes, I'm obsessive.) Anyway, in addition to those duties, (John handles the money, like in the 50's) I also scope out what the next customer is purchasing. If their selections are mostly healthy, I commend them inwardly, not to their faces. However, if their purchases are not so healthy or they've chosen food items that can't really call themselves food, I scold them harshly in my mind. Do you ever do this? I'm a very judgmental person. I will own up to that. I guess the lesson is: if you're behind me in line at Meijer, hopefully your cart is full of fruits and veggies lest you risk a shameful glance from me.

P.S. While typing that paragraph, something crunched under the space bar and now the comma key works freely! We don't eat over the laptop so I'm not sure what was under there but I'm rejoicing it's departure.

Back to matters at hand......I'm on a self imposed shopping ban. Did I tell you this? It came about because I added up some of my more superfluous purchases lately and decided to rein things in. Anyway, I went to the mall today and completely failed. Well, not completely I suppose. I scored 2 shirts at the Gap for a total of $8.00. But, non-work shirts were not on the list of approved purchases. Ho hum.

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