Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adventures in Wine Land

Now, you all know mama loves the grape. I especially like finding and trying new and different wines. I rarely buy the same bottle twice. That's not true. I usually buy and old standby and a new one when I go to my wine shop. These two were recommended from some friends. (Thanks C & J!) I wanted to pass them along to you. However, you may have trouble finding them outside of Ohio. And by 'may', I mean will. They hail from Breitenbach Winery in Dover, OH allllllll the way up in the NE corner of the state. However, because my wine store is awesome, they stock Breitenbach along with a myriad of other Ohio wines.

The first is a blush called First Crush. It is rather sweet but crisp. And my favorite part is the bottle description, "This youthful wine leaves a pleasant memory." It sure does! I think maybe in another life I'd like to write wine bottle descriptions. They are my fave!

The second is a semi-sweet red called Roadhouse Red. It's sort of syrupy and delicious. Breitenbach says it's a combination of American and French grapes. Mais oui! And the bottle....."reminiscent of good times spent at the old-time roadside tavern and dance hall." I've never spent any time at a roadside tavern and dance hall but I'll start pretending I have when I drink the Roadhouse. Delicious!

So, if you find yourself at Arrow Wine, these retail for $10.99. Otherwise, you could probably find Breitenbach more readily in northern Ohio or of course, if you drove yourself over to Dover and picked it up direct from the source.


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