Sunday, January 10, 2010


Last week, I finished Eclipse, by Stephanie Meyer, very quickly despite its 600+ page count. It had large font but it also moved very quickly and try as I might hide it, I was looking forward to reading it. This is the third book in the Twilight Saga which leaves only one book in which to wrap everything up. Pretty sure that won't be too difficult. Anyway, Eclipse takes place back in Forks where Bella is nearing graduation, a college decision, and an impending plummet into the vampire world. It had been promised to her, in New Moon, that she could become a vampire after graduation and be able to live with Edward for all eternity. How sweet. Eclipse dealt a lot with her decision to turn to the dark side while hearing the tales of how the other Cullens came to be vampires. It also delved into the Quileute background and how Jacob and the others came to be werewolves. Of course, it couldn't all be that simple. Yet again, something is hunting Bella and she is in terrible danger! Also, Jacob professes her love for her (duh) and she is left at a crossroads (sort of).

Bella is not turned into a vampire in Eclipse, so I haven't spoiled anything for you there. But it was pretty suspenseful and thus far, Eclipse is actually my favorite in the series. I also, most surprisingly, find myself needing to read Breaking Dawn to see how everything wraps up. In this, I must practice some restraint. While I know the library has available copies, I have far too many books ahead of Breaking Dawn that I should tackle. In particular, the one I'm reading now is neither Young Adult nor a fast read. So, stay tuned if vampires or "kids books" are not your thing. I head back to the adult world of reading next...whenever I finish it that is.

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