Sunday, January 17, 2010

iPhone or Droid?

It's that dreadful time again for us when John and I have to get new cell phones. Most people look forward to this day, especially after having the same phone for the last 2 years. I, however, can't stand it. I hate learning a new phone because I feel stupid when I can't figure things out. Also, cell phone stores make me sleepy much like Lowe's and Home Depot do. I can't walk in there without wanting to take a nap. I feel like cell phones are such a necessary crock. We don't have a landline so we need cell phones, and yet, you come out of there spending way more than you intended for some reason and your monthly bill never truly reflects what the brochures claim it will.

We have been Verizon customers since we got our original phones back in 2004 or 2005 (I can't remember which, it might have even been 2003). While we've never been dissatisfied with Verizon, save for an unpleasant minute overage incident a couple years back, we've never been overly satisfied either. We have been discussing switching to AT&T for quite awhile now. My sister and mom are both AT&T customers and they are really the ones that drive up my minute usage. (Not a complaint, luv ya, B!) So, if we switch, we can go with the lowest minute plan because it would be free to talk to them. Big plus. However, I am concerned about dropping calls due to lack of coverage, a minus.

Then we come to the phone situation. I am a flip phone fan and feel as though I don't need a smart phone/mobile web/time wasting apps, etc. I have this problem with flat phones in that I cannot cradle them between my ear and my shoulder. When I explained this to the Verizon salesperson as we were looking at the Droid she said, "Oh, I've never had that problem." Oh, ok. Thanks for making me feel like some sort of a freak and also not doing your job correctly by telling me how much a Bluetooth costs. Way to lose that sale, honey! If you've been to a cell phone store lately you'll note the dearth of flip phones and an overabundance of smart phones, slider phones, etc. I think I must be out of luck. If there were a market of buyers for the flip phone, they would still sell ample models, yes?

So now I am almost forced to get a smart phone and I'm stuck in the same situation that John has been whining about. iPhone or Droid? They're basically a wash on cost by the time it all shakes out. John likes the slide keyboard on the Motorola Droid but I found the Droid Eris hard to use in the store. The iPhone is pretty sweet but would likely drop calls due to spotty coverage.

Feel free to weigh in with your opinions. It doesn't really matter that much to me one way or the other since we are supposedly allowed to keep our numbers even by switching to AT&T. That is my biggest concern. Who wants to notify everyone that their number changed? So, in thinking positively, it's great that I get to keep my number!

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