Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Knitting Success -- baby steps......

Before I screwed up that hat for John, I did have some knitting success on a hat for my sister. I sent it to her as part of her birthday present. I finished it a few weeks ago but had to wait until she had her birthday so I didn't spoil the surprise. Here is Sadie modeling it. I took a picture of myself wearing it but I had a big zit on my chin at the time so I'm not showing that one.

This one turned out pretty well, I think. Although, you probably can't get the full effect unless it's modeled on a human and not a canine. I used this pattern from Martha Stewart. I really like the color. I think I have enough to make fingerless hand warmers to wear in my office. No joke, it's really that cold in there that I will look like a homeless woman but still be able to type.

Mad Knitting Skillz Attempted: Decreasing, following a pattern for knitting

Yarn Used: Lion Brand, Wool Ease in Fig

Grade: I give myself a B+ on this one. It was slightly larger than I wanted it to be but my sister has thicker hair than me so hopefully it fit her perfectly.

In other knitting news, I'm on about hour 4 of this supposed 6-hour Afghan and I'm not even halfway done. 6 hours my foot!

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  1. I remember learning to knit at your apartment. My boyfriend's mother is a really talented and fast knitter now and always talks about it with me. I'm like - uh, I do scarfs.


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