Friday, January 8, 2010

Gah --- Snow

Let me just say, I am so over winter and it's only January 8th. I've got a long way to go. Oh yes, the positive side of winter is that I'm getting much use out of my most favorite Christmas gift: new Uggs! Most troublesome are Sadie's new bathroom rituals. When it was just cold and slightly icy she did her business relatively quickly. She did not like the wetness on her paws or the salt she walked over. This week, however, it snowed. A lot -- for Dayton anyway. And since then, she remembered that she loves the snow. She likes to shove her face in it coming out with a snow beard. She doesn't seem to mind that her little legs sink all the way into the drifts. She will pee anywhere she sees that white stuff, including the sidewalk. No manners here.

Because she enjoys the snow so much, she tends to prolong her brief bathroom trips into not so brief bathroom trips. At any given time, John or I can be found shivering as she dives into the snow time and time again urging, "Come on, Sadie. Just go already!" I mentioned she'll pee immediately. #2 is another story. She does not like to poop in the snow. I think this is because she can't sniff out a good spot in the grass. Last night, she took her sweet time seeking the perfect spot....which she never found. At some point she just shrugged her little doggie shoulders as if to say, "This isn't worth it. Let's just go back inside." Infuriating.

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