Sunday, January 17, 2010

Knitting Fail

Remember my first knitting in the round fiasco? Well, it didn't take me long to start over and finish the hat. I used this pattern from KnitPicks. This hat was supposed to be for John. Remember how he doesn't have a winter hat? He's always walking out of the gym bare-headed. That's like a first class ticket to Cold & Flu Town. Unfortunately, I don't think this hat is going to work out so well for him. See for yourself.

When wearing a hat, it's of utmost importance that you are able to see. John thought it would be really funny to pull the sides down and make it look like a bonnet. This is the thanks I get for my toils and strife. Sheesh.

I guess I better scale it back to straight lines. Maybe knitting in the round just isn't for me.

New SkillZ Practiced: knitting in the round, more decreasing

Yarn Used: I forget. It was super cheap though because this was pretty experimental.

Lesson Learned: KNIT A GAUGE!

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