Monday, March 22, 2010

Bathroom BFF Strikes Again

I thought I had broken my work bathroom BFF's affinity for speaking to me while in the stall. Oh, how wrong I could be. She has always loved to comment on my coffee pot. She does this because in the morning, I get the water for the coffee and in the afternoon, I wash out the pot. I think she times her trips to the restroom to talk about how I am often seen with the coffee pot.

Mid-morning today I made the mistake of walking into the bathroom after her. She asked where my coffee pot was and I told her I had already made the coffee. Then, as we both headed towards our respective stalls, she asked me about my necklace. It's a new necklace that I rather enjoy so I was glad someone took notice but then, she proceeded to question me about it mid-pee. Not okay, BBFF. I don't talk mid-pee and she forced me to. I knew if I ignored her until handwashing time that she would just keep talking to me with total disregard of my silence.

I was saved, or thwarted, by her phone ringing. Which she answered. In stall. By this point, I was already at the sink and heading out the door. Thank God. I think we all know how I feel about phone talking in the bathroom. Unheard of!

Figuring I had my one major run-in with her of the day behind me, I wasn't expecting a second ambush. In the afternoon, I walked into the bathroom and a voice yells, "I swear that was not me." It was definitely her but since she was still in the stall talking (surprise!) she didn't know it was me. I didn't respond. I thought she was on the phone again. Then she says, "Sometimes I swear it smells like a sewer in here." WHAT?! Still, I held my tongue. When is it ever appropriate to comment about the restroom aroma while you're in the stall? Not only have you brought attention to the stink, I now think you are most certainly the offender since you voluntarily denied it. What is it with this woman?

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