Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dress sewing fail :(

I had high hopes for this dress, the one on the left. It is B5210, a 'Fast & Easy' pattern from Butterick. It might have been both fast and easy if I were better at pleats. Those gave me a run for my money. I also changed the stitch length for this piece so when I had to rip out the front collar it took me a lot longer than expected. Anyway, I had my doubts about the fit of this dress even before I started sewing. I had every intention of measuring the pattern prior to cutting like a good little seamstress but apparently, that plan didn't stick with me. I cut out the dress as a 10 totally not thinking. That last blouse I made was a 10 but I'm much smaller on top than I am on the bottom. When I went back to measure (after it was all cut out) I quickly realized this was probably not going to fit over my hips.

Still, I sewed. I worked hard on those top pleats. I sewed the front collar that didn't quite match up right (boatnecks are hard, y'all), twice. I made pockets (my first and will not be my last, they were so easy!). And then when I had only the bottom hem and zipper to install, I put on the dress. Not only was it slightly mini, it was so tight on my hips that I could pull it on but would not have been able to sit down. Let's just say, owing to the tightness and the length, my hoo-ha would have been on full display. (sorry the picture is so blurry. I had to take it fast because the dress kept falling off the hanger)

Is it better than I pretty much knew it wasn't going to fit from the beginning? I meant to cut a 12 but forgot, so that was an early mistake. I didn't finish it. I probably have about an hour left of sewing to finish it up but what's the point? I suppose if your hips are smaller than 42 inches I could send it to you. Also, if you're not 5'9" that will be helpful. Do you want this dress? It deserves a nice home. Or I guess I could always cut it off to make a blouse. Le sigh.

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