Monday, March 8, 2010

Sewing and other Success

So far in our month of March non-eat out challenge, John and I have been successful! We have eaten all meals in for 8 days. We are doing this for health purposes and thought saving money might have been an added bonus. How wrong we were! Friday's trip to the grocery store resulted in a receipt that was at least $30 more than we normally spend. WHAT?! I'm not exactly sure how that happened except that we buy our meat in bulk and it was a meat buying week. Beef, chicken and fish. This doesn't typically happen all at once. This was something of an entree trifecta. But, it was slightly disconcerting considering we thought eating in exclusively would save some pennies. Oh well. We're still healthier for it (if we hadn't indulged in cake and chips at a friend's house on Saturday night) and if we made it through one week, we can make it through 3 more, right? No sweat!

I did some damage this weekend at JoAnn's. I'm using the fact that March is National Craft Month as my excuse. On Saturday, I bought some patterns and fabric. And then on Sunday, because a different sale/coupon was happening, I went again and spent nearly twice as much as I did the day before. Oops! On the bright side, I got enough fabric for multiple tops and dresses. I told John I won't be shopping for clothes now for awhile since I can just make them. Although I'm hoping he won't hold me to that. I even made 1 dress and1 top this weekend already. (More to follow on that later this week).

Here are some of the fabrics I'll be sewing with in the coming weeks.

The top two will be dresses and the bottom two blouses. Although, I got the side eye from John when I told him I was making a top out of the apple and pear fabric. He's skeptical. Silly John.

P.S. Still working on knitting that 6 hour afghan.....though truth be told, I haven't touched it in 2 weeks. Maybe I can finish it during craft month. Or if not, I'll just use it next fall.

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