Sunday, March 7, 2010

Breaking Dawn

WARNING: If you have not read any of the Twilight Saga and are planning to, skip over this review. There may be spoilers and then why bother going through all 4 of these books?!

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final installment in the Twilight Saga. In all previous books, Bella has begged to be turned into a vampire. Carlisle finally agrees if she promises to graduate from high school first. Edward is not pleased by this but also finally gives it his blessing if she promises to marry him first. So, Breaking Dawn begins with the wedding of Bella (whose 18 and a great age to get married!) and Edward. On their honeymoon, Bella gets pregnant after like 4 days (!?) and then carries this "baby" to term in a month or something crazy while it tries to kill her. Bella and Edward's child is half human/half vampire. (?!?!) During the birth, Bella nearly dies and must be turned into a vampire, as promised. (This is a crappy recap that I've lost interest in typing but don't want to give too much away.) Bella adjusts well to vampire-life. Jacob is around and has a very key role, as if he didn't before. The Volturi return, and they're not alone.....

OK, I did like Breaking Dawn but when Bella is able to be impregnated by an immortal being I thought, "Lame." Once you get past that, Breaking Dawn is pretty good. I was pleased with how everything ended up with the series too, which was nice. I didn't want to be disappointed. Overall, I'm glad I did take the time to read all four books. I'm even looking forward to seeing all the movies. The characters, most of them, are interesting and the story is relatively compelling as a whole.

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