Monday, March 15, 2010

Halfway Through

We have made it halfway through March in our ‘eating all meals in’ challenge. There was a near moment of weakness this weekend. I may have mentioned before that I often fall down on my wifely duties when it comes to planning weekend lunches. Because we both pack our lunch throughout the weak, we quickly tire of soup, sandwiches, etc. This is what is usually readily available for lunch at home when we’re just plain sick of it. Typically, Saturday’s lunch is just leftovers from Friday night but I arranged the meals poorly this past week and we had to fall back on Kraft Mac & Cheese. By the time Sunday rolled around, we were really out of ideas. In Target, John says, “Let’s just go to Jimmy John’s and forget this whole thing.” I admit. I wavered for a minute. I love me some JJ’s roast beef, and their kettle chips are my fave. But, I steeled my reserve and said, “No. We’re better than this. I will not lose this challenge on a lunch. A LUNCH! Nay, we shall find sustenance at home.” (Dramatic interpretation possibly exaggerated) So instead, even though the past 3 nights of dinner involved marinara, we went home and thawed some meatballs for subs. They were delicious. They tasted of basil and sweet victory.

Only 2 more weeks. If I can just hold it together on the lunches, we’re home free. John even said to me, “I don’t miss eating out anymore.” He’ll find this statement foolish in April as we’ve already been planning on return to the restaurants. And good news, Friday’s grocery bill was back to well within reason. That first meat buying trifecta week was a fluke, much as I suspected.

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