Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This past Saturday, under the influence of perhaps one too many Jade Martinis, I downloaded the Fart Sounds app on my iphone. Before you judge, it was free. I don’t pay for apps, even though the pay ones are probably better. At the time, this seemed a fantastic idea. Hilarity ensued as I continued to play each of the 15+ fart sounds for myself. I cracked up time and again. My cheeks hurt I was laughing so hard. What’s funnier than a fake fart? A real fart probably. Especially an inappropriately timed fart. On Sunday morning, when I discovered my accidental app downloading, I thought twice about deleting it. Ultimately, I decided against it. I’m keeping this app. Shameful? Maybe. But it makes me laugh like a 9 year old and I could use a little laughter in my life right now. I’m still waiting for a good opportunity to play a fart sound in public and watch strangers try not to laugh. Such as in the movie theatre. This will embarrass John to no end. *rubs hands together gleefully* I dare, nay, defy you to download this app and try not to laugh as you play the squeeler, loud and long, and the like.


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