Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two of my favorite things

Tonight was my night to substitute teach for zumba and it went great! My new shirt was super sassy. Although no one commented on it (bummer) and one of the ties by my armpit came undone during class (double bummer). Anyway, I was really nervous that people would find out they were having a sub and not want to stay. Or worse yet, demand a refund! I don't know where this fear came from because no one did that, luckily. In fact, everyone was really excited for me, which helped assuage my nerves. Slightly.

I was already sweating by the time class started (see above paragraph: nerves). And I had cotton mouth like a mother father. But I forged ahead, all the way through my playlist. It was exhausting! I didn't stop at all and I was trying to have lots of energy and set a good zumba example. In hindsight, I probably should have put in another slow song. It was all pretty up tempo. But, the new routine I learned (to the hokey pokey!) was a HIT! Everyone clapped for me after every song, which never happens. And then everyone clapped again at the end. I even woo-ed a few times, which I never do but felt I the instructor.

So, my zumba confidence is high tonight. As a reward, I think I'll have a glass of Cupcake Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. I bought this bottle for some friends a couple months ago but decided it sounded so good that I should try it for myself. If it has 'cupcake' in the name, it's gotta be tasty. Right? Cupcake is a California vineyard and their slogan is "Live deliciously." How cute is that? Love it! Anyway, the description on the bottle says the Cab "displays soft flavors of blackberry, dark cherry, plums, mocha and a touch of oak." I tasted a lot of dark cherry and oak. The other things I couldn't find. My palate is not too refined.

This bottle was $9.99 on sale at Meijer. I forget what the full price was. I probably should have tried it before gifting it to someone else. I liked it well enough though, so hopefully the recipients did too! I would buy this again. Thumbs up!


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