Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zumba Re-fashion

I think I forgot to tell you that I'm substitute teaching my zumba class this Thursday. I am super nervous. Beyond nervous. I subbed once before, last August. It went well but it was also a Saturday class which has far fewer people than a weeknight class. For instance, tonight there had to have been 30+ people in class. BIG! So, I'm working on being more confident in my instructing skills. To help me, here's this zumba shirt that will give me magical powers to remember all the routines, yes?

Now, I'm not one for baggy t-shirts. I used to be, but not anymore. I usually wear a tank top to class. Very rarely do I wear sleeves. Sleeves are not as sexy for my zumba shimmy. HA! Anyway, this t-shirt needs some sass, yes? Check it out!

You may not be able to tell but I cut out the neck, Flashdance style. Trimmed up the sleeves and cut strips to tie up the sides. Way sassier! So, between all the practicing I've been doing and my new shirt, I should be good to go, right? Let's hope so! And here's hoping my nemesis skips that night.

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