Thursday, March 25, 2010

Run Ashley Run

Guys! Yesterday I ran outside for the first time since Thanksgiving in Austin. It was awesome! I was a bit leery of how my foot would do. My podiatrist said to cut mileage by 25% for a few runs when you're easing back into outside running. He also said running on the sidewalk is the worst possible thing you could do for your feet. Nuts to that. I sure didn't feel like driving to a trail. Part of the allure of running outside is the fact that I can just tie my shoes, leash up Sadie and go. Driving to a trail defeats the purpose. Especially considering the trail is directly behind my gym. Sheesh!

Anyway, I was trying to hit 25 minutes to save my foot and also not to overdo it. My shins hurt almost immediately. Oh, so that's why you shouldn't run on sidewalks. Whoops! I pushed through the pain with Sadie pacing me. She drags me down the sidewalk because John runs up ahead of us and she likes to try to catch him. I'm sure she's thinking, "If only I didn't have this heifer lashed to my harness." I made it my full 25 minutes and my foot didn't hurt at all! It was a ped miracle. Actually, it was because I did my special stretches twice before running and have been pretty consistent about them for awhile.

It was 70 degrees while I was running. Awesome! And of course today it's rainy and 40 and it might snow tomorrow. Guess I forgot it was still spring in Ohio......

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