Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garage Sale A-go-go

This past Saturday was my big debut garage sale in our new development. As I mentioned last week, I had very high hopes and John had no hopes at all. I got up extra early because I was so excited, much earlier than I should have for a Saturday. I readied myself and then readied the sale. The forecast was calling for 70 degree temps and wall to wall sunshine, a welcome change from the deluge we've been experiencing. One of the items I was really hoping to sell was a giant corner desk that had previously been in the 3rd bedroom (soon to be guest/sewing room). Due to its gigantor proportions, the entire thing had to be dismantled to get out of the room and down the stairs. That was John's job. While he sweated over the desk, I set up my wares.

Two card tables and a sad looking blanket on the ground later and I wanted to cry. My sale was looking sad. I was going to take a picture but I was far too embarrassed to show even my faithful readers. John, seeing my distress, raced around the house to try to find more things for us to sell so it wouldn't look so piddly. Anyway, I had my first couple drive by's while I was still setting up. This would become a very familiar sight throughout the day. So, not only did my sale not look so hot but it was also cold outside. Things weren't starting out so great. The rest of the day shall be presented to you in timeline format.

9:00 am - Sale officially opens

9:23 am - Count is up to 4 drive by's of which I know they intentionally came down my street to check out my sale because it's a cul-de-sac, easy loop away from the crappy looking tables.

9:25 am - First sale! $13

9:38 am - Second sale, a whole dollar! And my 5th drive by

10:30am - Drive by total hits 13. Ashley takes call from sister lamenting about how her tables look but happy about the $14 earned

10:41 am - Still cold but sun showing slightly

All of this time I'm also reading a great book.....more on that later this week. Sadie was my selling companion until she had to go get a haircut. For the next few weeks, she'll have a triangle head.

11:30 am - Desk sells! Day deemed a total success
1:30 pm - Desk picked up. 50 cent sale and up to 40 drive by's
1:41 pm - Topped $100, may stay open past 2:00.
2:00 pm - Decide to pack it in as planned and we meet our neighbors!

Despite being passed over by more than 40 potential customers, I made $107.50! The desk is gone and we met the neighbors we really want to try to hang out with. Even though I didn't get any sun and wore a blouse, hoodie and jacket for most of the day, I reached 3 out of 4 goals!

I hope this sale is an annual thing!

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