Monday, December 5, 2011

Fitness Check In

This is a smidge belated but I wanted to report, I survived Thanksgiving and am now fully back on track with eating and working out. I accomplished two goals over that holiday: 1) No seconds at the Thanksgiving table and dessert at only 1 of the 2 dinners I went to, 2) Don't drink too much. John and I both policed ourselves really well in both regards. That's hard to do when we are back in our hometown for a long weekend. His parents are bad food influences.

Oh, and the most amazing feat, we both got up and ran outside on Thanksgiving! I was super proud of us for that. Even though John wouldn't register to run a turkey trot, we waged our own trot around the streets of A-Town. It  sunny but chilly (in the 40's) and I do not like running outside, especially not in those temps. I didn't have any mittens so my hands were cold but I thought I fared pretty well. My time wasn't so hot but I was just going for stamina, and surviving. I only walked one hill, and it was a beast. The sad part about this was that I missed the Newsies performance during the parade. I love Newsies! I need to get to NYC and see it on Broadway. Then on Black Friday, I walked at the malls for a good 5-6 hours and then came home and went on an hour walk with Sadie, her dog friend Dexter and my good friend of 20 years. It was awesome! Though I was exhausted, having gotten up at 5:30 to shop.

So, now that we're a week post-Thanksgiving, I'm allowed to weigh myself again. A month or so ago, I promised myself I would cut back on carbs and incorporate more fruits and veggies instead. I'm happy to say that too is going swimmingly. I'm also loving my new Zumba toning class on Mondays. I traded a normal zumba day for treadmill speed work. If you don't have a plan of attack with eating and fitness heading into the holidays, you're sunk. Fortunately, I have plans for both and so I am swimming!

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