Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recipe Re-blog #50

Is it any surprise that this week's new recipe is also from Rachael Ray? Probably not. Once again, it comes from 365: No Repeats. I have made many recipes from this cookbook. If you don't have a Rachael Ray cookbook and are interested in one, I'd start here. Lots to choose from!
Asian-style Cashew Chicken: I love a good stir-fry. They're quick, easy and often chock full of veggies! We even doubled up on the snow peas here. Well worth it. This recipe had a lot of ingredients but it was very simple. So simple that my sous chef put on the head chef hat and I helped out when I could. I was doing something else at the same time, I forget what. Anyway, this was a great cashew chicken recipe. Give it a shot and pump up the veggies!

p.s. This recipe is a revamped version of the one before it in the book, Park City Cashew Chicken -- click back a few pages to get the master recipe through that link
p.p.s. I numbered wrong. I didn't skip #49. Promise!

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