Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gifts from John

John and I celebrated Christmas together a week early. We don't think it makes much sense to haul our presents up north just to bring them back down again. He got a new suit and a book from me. He likes it because it has pinstripes and makes him feel gangsta. The suit, not the book. He got me, with a little elf help, the earrings I was coveting in both gold and silver! And also, this beauty......

This is Josie. Isn't she pretty? She is a buttery celadon yellow, over the shoulder bag about 12" x 11". This means, he remembered every time we went purse shopping over the past year and I lamented about not being able to find a yellow bag. She also has the quirkiest black and white polka dot lining. That Kate Spade, she knows what's up.

The only question now is, can I start carrying her now? If the color were decidedly more lemon, I would have had to wait until spring. However, this is a muted yellow. Do I buck tradition and bring her out on the town? Or slide her in her dust cover until the ground thaws again? Decisions, decisions.

Opinions welcomed!

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