Thursday, December 8, 2011

Slippers for Ben

A couple months ago, my sister said my nephew Ben could use some slippers (B - stop reading if you don't want to see these, also don't show Ben!) You know, for those cold Texas nights. I followed this Made by Rae Tutorial only I skipped the dragon parts. Too much more effort. Let me tell you something about sewing little fleece slippers. I wished I had a mini sewing machine for smaller sewing spots. But, they turned out okay in the end. I hope they keep Ben's toes toasty warm. I really wanted a bright colored fleece but everything I came across had a large pattern that wouldn't have worked.

The gray fabric on the left is sherpa lined suede. Soft on the inside, non-skid suede on the outside. Then, black fleece for the interior, and a black and red (though it looks like white too) plaid for the exterior.

Slippers are tough to photograph without a child to put them on.

Perhaps this model will do? Sadie loves her Christmas bandanna but wasn't too pleased to add
Slipper Model to her doggie resume.

Anyway, I hope Ben and the other little boy I made a second pair for enjoy them a lot!

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