Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dwelling: Kitchen Valance

I have been searching high and low for the perfect kitchen valance fabric for over a year now. I wanted something to go with my burnt orange (Sherwin Williams' Reynard) walls but also incorporate the cobalt blue accents. Well guess what. It does not exist. I finally had to face facts and redirect my efforts.

This is Bancroft Bollywood and it can be found at Joann's for $45/yard. Take a coupon!

Sorry about the rough picture. It was a weird time of morning.

I stitched up a simple valance with just a slight gather. This window is 44" wide so I would have had to piece two sections together had I wanted more gathers. That light fixture is going. It's stained glass with grapes on it. Not my style. I have a lot of lighting changes for the whole house. Below is what the window looked like when we first moved in. We hadn't even changed out the cabinet pulls yet but it's the only shot I could find without me taking down the valance because I forgot to take a picture before.

Here is the view from the doorway with the valance. Sorry about the strange picture. It was an iphone shot. That light over the dining table is also going. The Mr. and I are at an impasse on light fixtures at the moment. Rest assured, I will prevail!

Ignore the counter clutter

Anyway. Another step closer to completion. Albeit a small step.

Have you made any changes to your house lately, big or small?

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