Monday, January 23, 2012

Recipe for a Bad Day Buster

 Last week I had one of those days where you wonder why your sock is all wet and then you realize there's a hole in the bottom of your shoe and you stepped in a puddle on your way back from the mailbox. No really, it definitely happened to me. The best way to bounce back from that is to have your fruit cheer you up.

This was my morning snack. Yes, I eat two oranges and a banana around 10:00 am each weekday. Actually, I spread them out throughout the morning, and I don't always have two oranges but we had extra. I love me some clementines!

The next best way to cheer yourself up is to have your husband surprise you with a special treat when you get home.

Cheerfully dyed daisies and a Cadbury egg! It may only be January but the Easter candy is out in full force, folks. Does John know me or what? My bad day blues went away and I ended up having a great workout. Exercise is also a great way to bust a bad day. Endorphins are your friends.

Happy Monday, to you!
Here's to not stepping in any puddles!

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