Monday, January 9, 2012

Fabric frenzy

I made it exactly one week from receiving a Joann's gift card for Christmas to spending the whole thing on fabric in one trip. It really wasn't my fault. A friend of mine asked if I wanted to scope out her new and first sewing machine. When someone asks me to run a sewing-related errand, I oblige. And, I hadn't been to Joann's in a good two weeks. Far too long. Not only did I pick up these three lovelies, but now I want a new machine. We had a full demonstration of the Emerald 116 Viking. I may have drooled a couple times. I know for certain that I ooh-ed and ahh-ed audibly. That baby sewed whisper quiet. A far cry from my now clunky Kenmore. I even picked up a tip or two about my machine. 8 years and I never knew I could raise the presser foot up even further to get thicker fabric under it. That knowledge would have come in handy on those 4 pairs of slippers.

Anyway, a new machine is likely not in the cards for me in 2012. While it was on sale, it still costs more than twice what my current machine did. Lots of money that could be put to use on house things. Instead, I bought 2 yards each of the mustard berries, purple and white interlocking circles and blue medallion prints above. I've got shirts in mind, patterned and otherwise.

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