Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Messy messy

I cannot live like this any longer. When I got my very own desk for my sewing machine instead of commandeering the dining table I thoughy everything else in my crafting world would magically come together. Unfortunately, I am still borrowing a chair from the dining table. The desk on which I sew is crowded with crap. I can't even be bothered to clear off the detritus as I sew. I'm using a shipping box as a trash can, and it's overflowing. What is wrong with me? I will admit that growing up my room was always messy. My sister's was neat as a pin, of course. My parents were constantly imploring me to clean up my pig sty. I guess the state of my craft room probably won't come as much of a surprise to those who stepped foot in my room during my childhood.

But, really. Look at the organizing cubes I have for fabric. Just look! Not very organized at all. I have only myself to blame. When I first put these babies together, all the fabric was folded and neatly stacked. Then I started using it and shoving the remnants back in willy nilly. These cubes are only temporary anyway. There is a perfectly good hand-me-down (read: free) dresser in the garage waiting for me to paint it. Eventually, it will house all this fabric. My poor little machine is also getting dusty now that it lives in the open. Note to self: must sew cover for machine. Someday, I won't have to take the 4th chair back downstairs when we have guests. The day I find the perfect fabric for curtains to sew is near. I can feel it! But for now, I guess this is my craft room in all its glory.

Good thing I made that clean and organized resolution, eh?

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