Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In mourning

Guys, it's a sad day indeed here in Ashley G. land. I have just discovered that my style of Joe's Jeans has been discontinued. Oh the inhumanity!! Why?! WHHHHHYYY?! (Are you picturing Nancy Kerrigan? Because I am). If you've been jean shopping ever in your life, you know the frustration it can present. But, my lucky friends, hopefully you may also know the joy of finding that perfect pair of jeans. You know the one. It fits like a glove and even reverts back to its original dimensions after having been stretched and washed. It makes your butt look round and your legs looks long. Perfection.

That is what I had in the Startlet. But, no more. My Starlets were a reward, of sorts. When I first lost some major poundage, I purchased designer jeans because I could finally fit into them. It was a glorious day! I tried on many different brands and styles and landed on these gems. My current Starlets are still in good shape but we all know how jeans wear out. I went to the Saks Outlet AND the Joe's outlet on New Year's Day and there was nary a Starlet to be seen. What the what? I went online and didn't see any on the Joe's site either. CURSES!

Now, I'll have to start over in the designer jean department. This will be a solo mission to the store, I'm guessing, unless I can commandeer a jean-finding friend.

P.S. I was recently on the Joe's site and they were touting their Jean Sweats. They look like jeans but are described as being made of sweats-like materials. Really, Joe's? Have you gone the way of pajama jeans but are tricking fashionistas into pay $150 for them? Can anyone tell me if these truly are sweatpants made to look like jeans? I've GOT to know.

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