Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recipe Re-blog

OK so maybe I won't try to make a new recipe every single week this year but that doesn't mean I won't stop all together. You don't know me at all! This week we tried two new recipes both from.......drum roll.......Rachael Ray! What a surprise!

Not-sagna Pasta Toss: Even though I'm trying to cut back on carbs, I couldn't give up pasta all together. I'm always looking for new pasta dishes to try. They are a weakness of mine. This recipe is a deconstructed lasagna. No layers, but all the same ingredients. I was the sous chef on this one since John had the first session on the treadmill that night. Then, he cooked everything up while I did my run. What a team! He said it was an easy recipe except when she mentions the shallow bowl used to mix the ricotta and water. Definitely don't use a shallow bowl or you will have a mess on your hands! This was VERY filling. We got 5 servings out of it instead of 4 (portion control!) And really probably could have gotten 6 if we had been a bit more judicious with the scooper. Try it!

Orange Cashew Chicken with Broccoli: I love me some Chinese take-out. What I don't love is how bad it is for you. RR has countless Make-Your-Own-Take-Out (MYOTO, as she says) recipes that give you all the flavor but are much better for you (aka not fried). This is one of those recipes! I sous-chefed on this one too. I guess I was all about the backseat cooking this week. But once again, John said it came together easily. Stir fries like this one are a great use of protein, veggies and time. They are quick cooking and full of flavor. We let it simmer a little too long though and the cashews lost their crunch. So, just be sure to turn off the burner.

P.S. Blogger says countless is spelled wrong. Poor form, Blogger spellcheck.

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