Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recipe Reblog: Go nuts for donuts

Oh, hi. You look like you could use a donut. Am I reading that correctly?

More specifically, you look like a Pumpkin Donut with Honey Glaze is exactly what you had in mind. Well, today is your lucky day! Just drive yourself on over to Ohio and have one with me. What's that? You don't feel like driving here? Well, you can make them yourself too, I was just offering.

This recipe comes from Dessert for Two, a great blog devoted to smaller batches of all things sweet. I love this concept because I'm constantly halving recipes. Who needs a dozen donuts lying around when they'll just end up in your mouth and on your thighs? As a rule, I don't like glazed donuts but these may have converted me. The pumpkin flavor is really subtle so the glaze stands out. Make them for yourself and see!

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