Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last week....

-The other day, I could not get the Greek alphabet out of my head. It was maddening. No, the Greek alphabet doesn't have a song like the English alphabet, officially, but I happen to know one. Jealous? In my brief sorority career, we had to learn the Greek alphabet. In order to do so, it was taught to us in song form that we also used during rush. I'll sing it for you some time. Great to learn the alphabet, bad to have constantly running through your head.

-Speaking of songs, the other day John and I were putting away laundry and blasting some Bon Jovi. Fact: Mr. Jovi makes mundane tasks better. You Give Love a Bad Name came on and John was dancing around to it, singing along. During the chorus, he started tapping on his wrist. "Why are you tapping on your wrist?" I asked. John responds, "You know, Shot through the heart and you're too late." After I stopped laughing five minutes later, I had the pleasure of telling him the lyrics are "Shot through the heart and you're to blame." Crestfallen, he proclaimed he'd been living a lie for over 20 years.

Later on, he admonished me for never telling him the true lyrics before. He claimed that tapping his wrist at that moment in the song is his signature move (!) and certainly I've seen him do it prior to this. Back off, ladies. He's all mine!

-If it's 10:30pm on a Friday and your bronchitis-recovering husband has already gone to bed and you're on your 4th 3rd glass of wine, bad decisions with chocolate chips that have been hiding in the back of the pantry are likely to happen. You've been warned.

-In the checkout line at Kroger, John overheard a disturbing conversation (yet again). The man checking out in front of him and the cashier were complaining that the police force in our local town are too tough about DUI. "I had only had 4 beers and they pulled me over and charged me." Oh, I'm sorry, sir. You're right, maybe they should have let you go with a warning so you could kill someone else on your way home. The cashier agreed but semi-redeemed himself by saying that he didn't even go out for New Year's because he wanted to drink. Thank you. Please, do your drinking at home or have a designated driver, people. It's really not that difficult. More and more I find myself exclaiming out loud, "What is wrong with everyone?"

-Do they still make button-fly jeans? I had a pair I would say, 10 years ago in high school. What a pain the butt, time-consuming piece of clothing. I'm going to say this "trend" went by the wayside because I haven't come across it lately. Thank God!

-When does Mad Men come back?

That's all I got, fools. Thanks for stopping by!

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