Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is everywhere these days! I think it's a great summer color. Nice and bold with just enough POP! I purchased a Lisette pattern intending to make only the blouse but then I realized I had never sewed a pair of tailored shorts before. When I came across the Lisette cobalt cotton at Joann's in the clearance aisle, I knew it was fate.

Cobalt blue shorts are all the rage in the stores. See?

Express, $59.90

Gap, $39.95

Old Navy, $22.94

When I started seeing these everywhere in all the stores I was even prouder of myself for being ahead of the trend, and saving beaucoup bucks. Who pays $60 for a pair of cotton shorts?!


Here is the pattern. It's Lisette (Simplicity) 1879 - Souvenir Blouse and Shorts. I still plan on sewing the top too but let's focus on the shorts today. I had the grand idea to sew these with French seams so they'd look really professional on the inside even though I'm the only one who would see them. French seams hold up better but you are essentially sewing everything twice. Once with wrong sides together, then with right sides together. Then your raw edges are all hidden which is great if you don't have a serger. The extra work does pay off though. For more information on how to sew with French seams, check out this site.

I measured this pattern multiple times. I ended up cutting out somewhere between a 12-14 in the shorts. In ready to wear bottoms, I'm usually a 10. But, you can always take in clothes so better to cut it large......or what I thought would be large.

I sewed these to the point of attaching the waistband and it was clear they were not going to fit. I took my trusty (read: hateful) seam ripper to the inverted pleats, hoping that would give me a little more room. In doing that, the waistband was now too small. My biggest mistake was puchasing only 1 yard of fabric. I should have just started over from the beginning. Not wanting to scrap my work thus far, I kept at it.

I installed the side zipper and put them on to see what else needed fixing. The good news is, I tailored the back darts perfectly. My butt looks awesome in them. The bad news is, there was a lot of strange pulling at the crotch in the front. Not a good look. I couldn't tell if I accidentally cut it on the bias, or if it was just laying strangely because I didn't do the pleats like the pattern calls for.

So, I took my seam ripper again to the front and crotch. Bye bye beautiful French seams. I tried and I tried but these shorts did not work out for me. I am so sad. I wanted them to work out really badly and I spent a LOT of time on them. I guess I'm just the sucker who didn't want to pony up for even the cheapest pair of shorts I found in the stores. Actually, the shorts turned out pretty cute, they just don't look cute on me. I took pictures but am far too embarrassed to show them. Nobody wants to see those ham hocks.

Here they are on the hanger.

Pardon the wrinkles

I did a pintuck pleat on the front to try to fix some of the mistakes I made. I really like that part. I truly don't know what happened with this pattern but, lesson learned. When making tailored bottoms, do a muslin first.

Anyone think these might fit them? They're up for grabs! I know my sister will want to try them on. Her thighs are skinnier than mine so they'll probably be okay. Lucky her!

Oh well. Back in the saddle and onto the next project!

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