Monday, May 7, 2012

Your Best Body Now


Your Best Body Now by Tosca Reno purports to help you "look and feel fabulous at any age the Eat-Clean way." If you don't know, eating clean means eating food in its natural state and eschewing processed foods. It's a great way to get healthy but it takes quite a bit of discipline. Reno also has a book about how to do it but I haven't read it.

Your Best Body Now takes a look at your age by the decade and what you should be doing physically, mentally and eating to help live the best life possible at those specific ages. Unfortunately, she starts in the 30's and I'm not yet there. I skipped over the 40's and 50's chapters because while the information is probably helpful, I doubt I'll remember that in 10+ years. She has some good tips and ideas and shares her story of how she went from overweight and depressed to living the best life possible, fit and happy. Reno gives very useful meal plans and a lot of strength exercises with pictures, perfect some someone needed guidance in that area.

I liked the concept behind Your Best Body Now and I may only be a year away from my 30's but I felt like a lot of it didn't necessarily pertain to me. It was a fast read, although I think I'm over healthy books for the time being. Good, not great.

Rating: * * (Disclaimer: I only gave it 2 stars because it wasn't all that pertinent to me in the stage of life. Older women would likely find it extremely helpful.)

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