Thursday, May 3, 2012

Everybody Loves Redmond

I'm looking for the perfect candy apple red nail polish. It's a hunt that will undoubtedly be long and arduous. This is not it but I'm going to show it to you anyway.

I am now incapable of going to Walgreens and not purchasing nail polish. I'm addicted. The good news is, this bottle of Wet N Wild was only $1.50. Can't argue with that price! The color is Everybody Loves Redmond. It looked like a great red in the bottle but on the nail, it's a bit orangey/tomato-y. I like it but it's no candy apple. This picture was taken 3 days post painting and I haven't had to touch up yet. Here's something else, one coat coverage! Can you believe that? Who would have thought old school Wet N Wild would be such a little soldier? Normally by now, my OPI has chipped on multiple nails. I may be off OPI. I love their colors but it doesn't stand up to typing all day at work and every day use very well. Plus it has a hefty price tag.

One more thing, this is from the Fast Dry line and boy did it ever! Dry fast, that is. Don't be afraid to slum it in the nail polish aisle. You might be surprised by what you can stumble upon.

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