Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drink Up

Ready to party?

Hotter temps mean cooler drinks and I have two creations for you today. I hope you're thirsty.

I love sangria! I have a go-to red and go-to white sangria recipe but I thought I'd start branching out this summer.

This is White Kiwi Sangria from Ingrid Hoffman on the Food Network.


I used New Age white wine. This is a good bottle on its own that would be perfect for summer. It's a South American white blend with a little effervescence to it. Low in alcohol, easy drinking. I liked it in the sangria a lot! This was a tasty twist on white sangria by adding kiwi and loads more than a normal amount of triple sec.

Photo by ME

Ever heard of Puente Punch? Me neither. Leave it to Food and Wine for the inventive cocktails. This has OJ, amber rum, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk. It tasted like an orange creamsicle and was delicious! It was kind of messy to mix up though with the sticky condensed milk. Double the recipe so you only have to shake once.


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