Thursday, May 31, 2012

Salad in the Ground

Normally, I would have had my herbs and vegetables planted for 3 weeks by now. It seems May has been extra busy this year. We were gone for 2 weekends and all of a sudden it's nearly June! There was no oregano to be found at Lowe's or Home Depot but we did okay with what was left. See for yourself......

I had great success with the Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes last year and yielded a crop of 150! I knew I had to plant those again. I also did a hybrid tomato of Early Girls which should come to fruit sooner than other tomato plants which is good because I'm becoming very impatient in my old age. My herbs are all old standbys. I skipped the parsley because I thought last year's crop tasted like soap.

New to the garden this year are the peppers. I chose red and green bell peppers and I'm really hoping they grow up big and strong. I never used to like peppers but now I put them in everything. It's amazing how your tastes can change. I really wanted to grow zucchini but John said the vines would take over the yard. Spoil sport.

And in the potted garden...........

Can we talk about how that mint was solely planted for mojitos? I mean, why else would you ever plant mint? I'm going to be a mint muddling fool. Well, John will be a muddling fool. He's the barkeep around here in addition to his sous chef duties. Last year I forgot to plant sage and that was a sad mistake. This year, it has been rectified. Sage for everyone!

These calla lilies were planted by the previous owners and I think they're a delight! So pretty. I'm still amazed that they keep coming back.

Hope my thumbs are verdant green this summer!

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