Tuesday, May 8, 2012

License to See

This is a cautionary tale for you. Listen up!

The other day I went to the bank to get change for my garage sale. The teller took an extra long time looking at my license and said, "Did you know this is expired?" What the WHAT?! I said, "No I did not know that but I suppose it makes sense since I just had a birthday." Then I was in a little bit of a panic since it was almost 30 days past expiration. What kind of penalties might I incur? John says, "You might have to take the driving test over." What the WHAT?! again. Now, I've been driving for 14 years but the thought of retaking a driving test made me perspire. Luckily, Ohio gives a 6 month grace period in which to renew an expired lesson. After 6 months, you have to start all over with your temporary permit. How embarrassing!

So, I found myself making an unplanned run to the BMV at lunch. Everyone's most favorite place! Actually, the BMV by my office is one of the nicest I've ever been to. The workers are relatively friendly and there's never much of a wait. It's tucked back into a shopping strip and I think people don't know it's there. It's my own secret BMV. No one even gave me the stinkeye for being expired.

I was wearing my glasses which I left on for the vision test. These glasses are over 2 years old and guys, I almost failed this vision test. I pressed my forehead into the little box with the letters and numbers and had a heck of a time deciphering between 8, 9 and B. Praise be, I passed! But honestly, it was a wake up call. I knew this prescription was old but I didn't realize my vision had deteriorated that much. Please refrain from age jokes. I'm still not accepting this 29-hood.

My picture was taken and I suppose it's okay. They let me look at it and take a re-take if I wanted but I didn't think it would get any better. My nose is slightly red in it but that's just me. Red-nosed Ashley. License, check. Time to call the optometrist!

So, the lesson for the day is: pay attention to your license and also, make sure you get your eyes checked regularly!

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