Monday, May 21, 2012

So long, Vacation

Were you worried this would be one of those annoying blog posts when the writer returns from vacation and brags about the great time they had and makes you want to gag? Oh sorry, you were right. John and I got back from 7 days visiting my parents in Florida and it was just what we needed! Super relaxing. Highly caloric. Sunny (for the most part) and H-O-T! We came back to an equally steamy Ohio and a full DVR. I also got a neat souvenir. Peeling sunburn! I didn't do a very good job with the SPF one day but that's okay. I'm used to burning. I can deal. Not that it's ever a good thing. There's a slight chance I'll have skin cancer one day. This post is starting to take a serious turn.....


Here are just a few vacation pics for your viewing pleasure, and to make me sad that I have to get back to normal, every day life.

Gator on the golf course


Drinks by the pool

Time to go back yet?

Pretty palm

 I have the Vacation Sads. This is similar to the Sunday Sads only much much worse because the weekend is only 5 days away but the next vacation is much farther. Actually, my saving grace here is that my next vacation is only 40 days away. Less than 6 weeks, yo! More on that later........

Happy travels to you, wherever the road may take you this summer!

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