Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Make It: 20 Minute Knit Dress

I pinned this tutorial from Faith at Design Fixation on Pinterest and made it the next day. Luckily, I had the fabric in my stash already. Truth be told, I almost always have the right fabric in my stash but I just like punishing my bank account and buying more unnecessarily.

With one yard of this April Johnston for Project Runway fabric, I took to my machine. It's a stretch jersey with a cream background and this cute bow print. I altered the cutting measurements slightly. Instead of 9 inches wide on the front panels, I think I did 11". The back panel is 26" wide but I did 29". I wanted to make sure it wasn't too small and also that the sleeves came down my arms a bit.

I stitched it up quickly, maybe not quite 20 minutes but it was fast. I didn't bother with a bottom hem because jersey knit doesn't unravel. And since it's a casual dress, I wasn't too concerned about not having it hemmed. I've worn it over black leggings but I think the length is okay sans leggings as well.


Tired, rode in the car for 3 1/2 hours eyes

I think so. A tad hard to tell from the pics but it cinches with elastic at the waist. P.S. These pics also aren't very flattering. It looks fine in person. Promise.

New Polaroid feature in Picasa!


From da back

But, here's my question. Would I get more use out of this if it were just a top? I'm considering lopping off the skirt and just pairing it with jeans or capris. Maybe I'll wear it a few more times as a dress and then mix it up. Either way, sew this one up! Super simple and really pleasing results.

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