Wednesday, May 23, 2012


No, not the delicious beverage. Orange nails! I bought this Wet N Wild Wet Shine polish for a buck in Florida.

In fact, I used change to purchase it so to me, it felt like it was free! Yes, I realize coinage is valid currency but I never have any on me so I felt like a big winner when I paid in all coins. This color doesn't have a name, just a number. 405. My mom and I thought it looked cantaloupe-y. And then when I was eating an actual piece of cantaloupe and saw my nails right next to it, I was sold. On the name anyway.

Orange nails are bold. They are very summery. I just don't know if they're me. Maybe they'd be better on toes. Perhaps I could wear them to support an orange colored sports team and I wouldn't feel as weird about it. You know, like a super fan.If you know I am not sporty, you are laughing at my self-imposed super fan status. For a dollar, this color is just a'ight.

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