Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Sewing Challenge

Sometimes I feel as though I must state self challenges aloud on this blog to make them so. If my readers know of them, perhaps they’ll hold me to it? I suppose it’s just my way of cementing the challenge in writing and not just in my mind where failure is all too easy to come by. So here it is, my friends, a sewing challenge!

I know some of you probably think I sew all the time. I wish that were the case. I do go in spurts when I sew like the dickens. Then I just go in spurts where all I want to do is buy fabric and have no care to sew it. Sometimes others request my sewing skills and I’m happy to oblige. And then, there are sewing draughts. These happen more than I’d like to admit. Sure, when I was knitting up all the cowls in the world I had nary a moment to spare for my machine. I think that’s why I hurried to make my Christmas dress. My foot ached for the sewing pedal and maybe my heart ached for the joy of a finished project that works out just the way you hoped. So in this, the year of two-thousand and thirteen, I vow to sew at least one project every month. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be patterned or created out of my mind. But, sew, I must. And not just mending clothing either. That hardly counts.

While I did receive a gift card to Joann’s for Christmas, I have promised not to use it until I sew some of my stash first. Call it a reward for making it through the first few months of the challenge. I have the perfect first project for these cold winter nights to bust through some of my stash and it won’t cost me a red cent. Await with breathe abated!

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