Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beer Me: Sneak Attack

From the creative brewing geniuses at 21st Amendment brewery comes a special release this January. If you’re familiar, 21st puts out one of my fave summer beers, Hell or High Watermelon, and also a delightfully warming winter ale, Fireside Chat. But, this, my friends, is Sneak Attack!

According to them: "Sneak Attack is 21st Amendment’s newest seasonal offering, a Belgian-style Saison, dry hopped with whole, organic cardamom pods lending it a very dry, but not overly bitter finish. It features aromas of pepper, cardamom, lemon rind and freshly cut grassy fields. Its refreshing flavor is derived from pilsner malt, Belgian Light Candi Sugar and a traditional spicy Belgian Saison yeast."

I always forget how much I like Belgian styles. They’re pale without being bitter and there’s always usually interesting in the mix. I especially liked the slogan on the box of this one. “In Your Face, Winter.” I have adopted it as my own and now use it quite frequently. In your face, Monday! In your face, red light! If you like lightly spiced beers, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Comes in a 6 pack of cans for about $8.99.

P.S. Best wishes for the happiest birthday ever go out to my awesome sister! She is the best. But she's mine. You can't have her.

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