Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Running Round Up and.......Meeting my Goal!

I DID IT!!!! Way back in January 2012, I proclaimed that I wanted to run 500 miles in 2012. Even with several low mileage months in the beginning, I pulled it out in the end!

First, here's what happened on the treadmill in December:

Dec 2: 6 mi TM in 58:41, rough
Dec 4: 3.6 mi TM in 29:58, 8:31/8:23/8:16/4:48, speedy!
Dec 8: 2.4 mi TM in 21:10, cut short due to heartburn 
Dec 9: 6 mi TM in 54:18, 9:03 avg pace 
Dec 11: 3.6 mi TM in 30:01, 8:27 avg pace. & 500th 
Dec 16: 4.3 in 40:00, back pain
Dec 18: 3.5 mi TM in 29:28, 8:36/8:22/8:19
Dec 26: 3 mi TM in 26:56, ROUGH post Xmas run
Dec 30: 3.5 mi TM in 29:48, 8:55/8:08/8:08

Total: 35.9 miles

Blame the holidays and preparing for said holidays for my low mileage this month. Back at it in January! New running goals this year include: doing more races, getting speedier, and running my 2nd half marathon.

Here are the monthly totals:

Jan: 48.54

Feb: 33.75

Mar: 45.6

Apr: 46

May: 26.6

Jun: 45.9

Jul: 36.3

Aug: 53.4

Sept: 65.6

Oct: 50.65

Nov: 28.2

Dec: 35.9


In other running news, I got a new ipod shuffle (pink!) and a Garmin Forerunner (also pink!) for Christmas. I cannot wait for these two pieces of equipment to revolutionize my workouts. I am terrible at pacing outside and I know these will help me become a better, faster runner. Races in 2013? Better start registering.....

In other fitness/non-running news, I also got a special sticky towel for my mat to use during hot yoga. I cannot wait to get back to class and use it. Thanks, B!

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