Monday, January 21, 2013

I love gooooooold

After I’ve taken down and put away all the Christmas decorations I am a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, I am happy to have survived another crazy and often stressful holiday season and I’m usually ready to move onto the next big thing. On the other hand, I’m left with an undecorated house that feels lonely and cold. No lights to greet me as I pull in the driveway. No warm glow from the tree in the living room. Stark. Bare. Sad.

I don’t have much winter décor so I put out the few pieces I have and hunker down for another January. Luckily, there is one area of the house that still sparkles this year. Thanks to the magic of a glue gun and the plethora of crafty ideas on Pinterest, I have a new wreath for the front door.

Hitting up Target’s Christmas aisles at a 50% discount won me 10 sparkly gold snowflake ornaments. 

Fortunately, I saw this tutorial well before Christmas so I knew what to look for as soon as I could get there. I wanted silver but those were quite popular and nowhere to be found. Gold would have to do.

I laid out my pretties in a circle and plugged in the glue gun for a rocking good crafternoon. Not many minutes later, I had myself a new wreath! 

This was the quickest wreath to make and only cost me $2.50. Look how she sparkles against the black door. 

This gal will greet our non-existent guests straight on through to spring and a much happier season.

Just so you don’t mistake me for a crafting guru, I will share with you my failed wreath, two years in the making. Just about the time we moved into our house in 2010, I deemed we had collected enough wine corks to make a cork wreath. You’ve seen these, yes? Corks glued on a wreath form. Easy as pie. Except not so easy when I had glued all the corks in my possession and the wreath looked funny and unfinished. Into the basement with it until I could drink enough wine to fill her out.

Two years later and I figured we were there. Let the record show that not all of these corks came from bottles consumed by me. Some were from other wine-loving acquaintances, thank you very much. I glued them all on and stood back. Boy, that looks really junky, I thought. This called for a vote by the council (John). 2 nay’s, 0 yea’s. Despite my hard work and years of waiting, the cork wreath was not meant to be and so into the trash it went. It’s okay. I was starting to sweat thinking about how dusty it would get hanging on the wall considering corks going every which way would hardly be easy to clean.

Onto the next crafting adventure!

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