Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Things

-A new studio offering ballet strength/cardio classes near my recently opened and I am really excited to try it out. That probably won’t happen any time soon, however, as the classes are $21.00, each. TWENTY-ONE DOLLARS! I don’t care what kind of magic happens during that hour, it ain’t worth that kind of coin.
-Flooring decisions are tough. Our house contains carpet and linoleum and we are having a never-ending debate about what to replace it with. Sadie’s nails on any kind of hardwood or laminate concern me. I like the coziness of carpet but the appearance of hardwood. The only thing for certain is that all linoleum will eventually be tiled. I’m thinking flooring will be the big house project this year. Stay tuned.
-John is on a crusade against sugar and we’ve stopped having our nightly dessert which was only low fat ice cream anyway. Truthfully, I’ve been sneaking chocolate chips from the pantry just for a touch of sweetness. I don’t know what I’ll do when that bag runs out as I’m not the grocery shopper and buying a bag for myself is too shameful.
-Listening to the Indie Pop station on Pandora makes me feel like I am super plugged into the pulse of the music industry. I am fully aware that any 20 year-old would laugh at this statement and then rattle off about 15 bands I’ve never heard of but I don’t care.
-Do you think other drivers can see me passionately belting out the soundtrack to Les Miserables in my car? OK, good. I didn’t think so.
-Have I given you my PSA on cleaning your cell phone before? Well, it’s time to hear it again. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE clean your phone on a regular basis. For reasons I think we can all surmise, this is especially important if you play with your phone in the bathroom. The easiest and most effective way to clean your phone is with rubbing alcohol. Swab it on and it evaporates without damaging any part of the equipment. Clean as a whistle. You’re welcome.
-I know I just posted about my super exciting upcoming European vacation but I am seriously jonesing for some beach time. I’m thinking Mexico sounds pretty good right about now. Anybody else?

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