Thursday, January 20, 2011

Actual Conversation in the G. Household

John: I would like to incorporate my Polish heritage into our lives.
Ashley: ......OK.....what exactly does this involve?
John: I'm not really sure.
Ashley: Maybe you ought to do some research and write a book report.
John: I was hoping you would do the research and make things.
Ashley: Like, Polish crafts?
John: Maybe just making Polish food.
Ashley: Name five Polish dishes besides paczki and pierogis.
John: Cabbage and Noodles
Ashley: I hate cabbage and noodles.
John: Borscht.
Ashley: You just said last week that borscht was disgusting.
John: That's right. Borscht is disgusting.
Ashley: What else?
John: Kielbasa or polish sausage.
Ashley: You're not winning any points here. I think you need to do some more research on being Polish.
John: How about putting a Polish flag outside?
Ashley: Or, maybe painting a Polish flag on the garage door like in My Big, Fat Greek Wedding.
John: YEAH!
Ashley: Good night.

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